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Where there’s a need

Last fall, Providence opened up a unique adult day program, catering specifically to people with dementia-related health complexities.

A previously under-served patient population due to the unique needs and complexity that accompany this progressive disease, our adult day program (ADP) creates an opportunity to experience life-enhancing opportunities on a drop-in basis, Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., 52 weeks/year.

Uniquely positioned to do so due to Providence’s already-existing expertise in innovative and evidence-based geriatric medical, psychiatric care, dementia care and end of life care, this is the first time Providence has offered this style of programming.

Our program has extended hours, a wide catchment area, and round-trip transport options for up to 20 adults of any age per day. It also also allows primary caregivers a chance to recharge and, via resources offered at Providence, connect with support groups, information, and other supplementary supports as needed.

Operating out of our Youville Residence, the ADP delivers individualized health, social and personal support services in a safe and homelike setting. The people we serve through the ADP currently engage in a range of life enhancing opportunities, based on Providence’s embracing of the Eden Alternative and L.I.F.E. (Life.Inspire.Freedom.Experience) approach.

We see health as a journey, and identifying the care needs for our key populations throughout that continuum is of utmost importance and priority to us. Care for our senior population, ranging from supported living to complex residential care to now having the capacity to provide a new community service in a dedicated care environment, supports Providence’s vision to enable people to stay at home, with their loved ones in a familiar setting, for as long as possible.

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