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Soup for the soul

The soup program started in 2013 with a donation from the family of a former resident.

Every Tuesday and Friday in the kitchen of Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, you’ll find the chef standing over a steaming, bubbling, industrial-sized pot of soup. But it won’t be chicken noodle or beef barley. He’ll be stirring up a traditional Chinese soup featuring ingredients such as goji berries, dried seafood and lotus seeds. “Soup Days”, as they are known, are a favourite amongst Mount Saint Joseph’s residents. Most of the residents are Chinese, and dietitian Helen Yeung says they wanted their daily menu to reflect their culture. She makes regular trips to Chinatown to buy the speciality ingredients and works with Sodexo on the soup menu.

A resident at Mount Saint Joseph, enjoying her soup!

Traditional Chinese soup soothes the throat, hydrates the body, and improves appetite and circulation. It’s made with fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs, tailored according to the Yin and Yang theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

The St. Paul’s Foundation provides ongoing funding to keep the soup program going.