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In pursuit of answers

Our Practice-based Research Challenge equips staff with the tools and means to question .

The Providence Health Care Practice-based Research Challenge is an academic-practice partnership launched in 2011, with a purpose to support teams of point-of-care nurses and allied health professionals in the pursuit of answers and a desire to translate their questions from bedside practice to a small-scale, practice-relevant research project.

And what a success it has been.

Increasing knowledge of research methods, evidence-informed practice, and engagement are just some of the Challenge’s accolades.

  • 500: number of clinicians involved in the Practice-based Research Challenge since its inception.
  • 60: mentors who support clinicians on their research journey.
  • 80: number of teams that have been funded (with two teams receiving external funding to expand their project!)
  • 100+: number of conference abstracts in which Research Challenge teams have presented their findings.
  • 14: Number of teams that have published their findings in peer-reviewed journals.

The concept of the challenge itself has been presented at 10 conferences in North America; three papers have been published about the Research Challenge.

Find out more about the Challenge and the topics that have been tackled by the funded teams on our Professional Practice page.