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Recognizing those who go above and beyond, thanking those for exceptional work, and lauding the innovation that’s born within the walls of our facilities is a large part of what we do at Providence.


Biomedical Engineering Team – 2017 Best Patient Safety Team Award, Providence Health Care

Foot and Ankle Team, St. Paul’s Hospital – 2017 Roger A. Mann Award, Roger A. Mann

Global Trigger Tool Team, Providence Health Care – 2018 Excellence in Patient Safety Award, The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL)

HAUTI (Hospital-Acquired Urinary Tract Infections) Project Team, St. Paul’s Hospital Runner-up 2018 Staying Healthy Award, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Hemodialysis Unit Staff, St. Paul’s Hospital Runner-up 2018 Living with Illness Award, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Providence Practice-Based Research Challenge Team – 2017 Evidence-Based Practice Award, Sigma Theta Tau International

Providence Residential Care Interdisciplinary Research Challenge Team – 2017 Foundress Mission Team Award, Providence Health Care

St. Paul’s Hospital and the Sisters of Providence – 2017 Red Ribbon Award, AIDS Vancouver





Dr. Pat Camp – UBC Killam Research Fellowship Award

Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Project Grants

  • Dr. Skye Barbic
  • Dr. Pascal Bernatchez
  • Dr. John Boyd
  • Dr. Pat Camp (x2)
  • Dr. Gordon Francis
  • Dr. Jagbir Gill  
  • Dr. Tillie Hackett
  • Dr. Andrew Krahn
  • Dr. Bruce McManus
  • Dr. Richard Sawatzky

Candy Garossino  Faye Meuser Memorial Leadership Award, Providence Health Care

Dr. Jiri Frohlich – Order of BC, Government of British Columbia

Dr. Brian Grunau – Young Investigator Award, American Heart Association (AHA)

Scott Harrison – Keeping the Promise Award (Acute Care), Providence Health Care

Harlisha Hira – Volunteer Resources Scholarship (Residential Care), Providence Health Care

Dr. James Hogg – Gairdner Wightman Award, Gairdner Wightman Foundation

Dr. Robert Hogg – Research and Mission Award, Providence Health Care

Dr. Robert Hogg – Member of the Order of Canada, Government of Canada

Reena Kelly – Keeping the Promise Award (Residential Care), Providence Health Care

Dr. Sandra Lauck – Professorship in Cardiovascular Nursing, St. Paul’s Hospital and Heart & Stroke Foundation

Dr. Martha Mackay – Katherine M. MacMillan Scholar, University of British Columbia (UBC)

Heather Mak – 150 Nurses for Canada Award Recognition, Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) 

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) Awards

      Health Professional Investigator Program

  • Dr. Zachary Laksman 
  • Dr. Janet Leung 
  • Dr. Seonaid Nolan 
  • Dr. Andrew Thamboo 

      Scholar Award

  • Dr. Liam Brunham 
  • Dr. Nadia Fairbairn 
  • Dr. Danya Fast
  • Dr. Mark Harrison
  • Dr. Kanna Hayashi 
  • Dr. Rod Knight
  • Dr. Lianping Ti

      Research Trainee

  • Alex Leung 
  • Yannick Molgat-Seon 
  • Amrit Singh  

Agatha Ng – Individual Mission Award (Residential Care), Providence Health Care

Nursing Award of Excellence, BC Coalition of Nursing Associations

  • Frances Wright – Rising Star
  • Jo-Ann Tait, RPN – Excellence in Nursing Administration
  • Christine Nell Coles, RN – Excellence in Nursing Practice
  • Cheyenne Johnson, RN – Innovation in Nursing
  • Heather J. Morrison, RN – Excellence in Nursing Practice
  • Kimberley Smith, RPN – Innovation in Nursing

Patricia Richardson – Individual Mission Award (Acute Care), Providence Health Care

Ashtosh Sharma  Volunteer Resources Scholarship (Acute Care), Providence Health Care

Dr. Don Sin – Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Award

UBC Faculty of Medicine Awards

  • Dr. Bruce McManus – Bill and Marilyn Webber Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Dr. Liam Brunham – Distinguished Achievement Awards
  • Dr. Jordan Guenette – Distinguished Achievement Awards

Dr. Keith Walley – Research and Mission Award, Providence Health Care

Margot Wilson – 150 Nurses for Canada Award Recognition, Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) 


Dr. Delbert Dorscheid – Health Professional-Investigator Awards, MSFHR

Dianne Doyle – Distinguished Leadership Award, The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL)

Candy Garossino – Nursing Leadership Award, CCHL

Dr. Josie Geller Health Professional-Investigator Awards, MSFHR

Heart Centre Unsung Hero Award, Healthy Heart Program

  • Ellen Bjornson 
  • Kelly Fernandez 
  • Margaret Grzesiak
  • Stephanie Hsieh

Alison HoensEnid Graham Memorial Lecture Award, Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA)

Dr. Julio Montaner – Dr. Don Rix Award, Doctors of BC

Patricia Graham Nursing Education Awards 

  • Allyssa Sy
  • Astrid Westervelt
  • Christine Manzano
  • Christine Yoneda
  • Cindy Elliott
  • Darren Barnfield
  • Flavia Mandic
  • Julie Carleton
  • Karen Bassan
  • Lira Marfa-Salazar
  • Luisito Josep 
  • Maria Marles
  • Marielle Mejia
  • Marina Puddell
  • Pamela Turnbull
  • Patricia Johnson
  • Sally Co
  • Sarah Carriere
  • Shiela Rae Vales

Dr. Adam Peets – Certificate of Merit, Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME)

Providence Professional Practice Council Recognition Awards for Excellence in Clinical Practice 

  • Matthew Hamade
  • Kevin Frew
  • Karen Kew
  • Sarah Ho
  • Dr. Jelica Todosijevic
  • Karen Tugwell
  • Katie Perttula – Rising Star
  • Sarah Thompson  – Rising Star
  • Myron Huen  – Rising Star
  • Keri Fuchko – Rising Star (nominated)

Providence Physiotherapy (PT) – STEP UP Awards

  • Chelsey Funk – PT Role Model
    • Hannah Fisher (nominated)
  • Judith Mathieu – Teacher Mentor
  • Meaza Surur – Rehabilitation Assistant Excellence
    • Robyn Zylstra (nominated)
  • Carlita Branion-Calles – Outstanding New Graduate
    • Shannon Champion (nominated)
  • Brigette Wilkins – PT Champion of Inter-Professional Collaborative Practice
    • Chelsea Digney (nominated)

Zulie Sachedina – Women of Distinction Awards – Public Service, YWCA

Kate Salters – New Investigator Award in Clinical Sciences, Soroptomist Foundation of Canada

Kate Salters – Doctoral Research Award, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Kate Shannon  Excellence in Research Awards, CAHR-CANFAR

St. Paul’s Foundation Nursing Education Award 

  • Lira Marfa-Salazar – Pauline Mayer Legacies in Education Fund
  • Laurie Duke Sharon – Shewella Nursing Education Award
  • Margaret Ellison – Dr. Miriam Yu Nursing Education Award

St. Paul’s Foundation Nursing Award 

  • Aleza Ellen Moyer
  • Ann Gibb
  • Beena Parappilly
  • Buffy Bindley
  • Christina Polson
  • Shi Lin Tong
  • Tamara Younger

Jo-Ann Tait – Quality Culture Trailblazer, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council (BCPSQC)

Dr. Sandra Witherspoon – College Coin, BC College of Family Physicians (BCCFP)

Margot Wilson – Fellow designation, CCHL